My name is Nohemy Borja Caraballo and I come from the town of Ibagué in Colombia. After moving to Germany in the 90s, I founded my own little company - Muzo's Smaragde - in 2004 to bring a piece of my home country to you: beautiful, handmade emerald jewelry.


Through my family in Colombia, I got in touch early with emeralds and jewelry. When moving to Germany, I discovered the potential when different people approached me asking where I got my jewelry from. Over fifteen years later, I still enjoy making people happy by offering jewelry and emeralds made from local craftsmen/-women in my home country.


In the end of 2020, my daughter took a leap setting up her own jewellery label "EMORO". Inspired by timeless and clean designs, EMORO also offers jewellery handmade from recycled 18k Gold featuring natural Colombian emeralds.






Colombia is not only known for having the world's largest discovered emerald resources (over 60%) but also for having emeralds of exceptional quality.


Colombian emeralds are known for their intense pure green colour and exceptional purity.






Our jewelry is predominantly made with recycles 18 carat gold (750) and silver (925). All of our metals are sourced in Colombia.